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May 25, 2022·4 min reading

5 scenarios for group work during webinars or video conferences

The use of modern technology in business and personal life has now become commonplace. Since the work has become remote, there are more opportunities to develop their professionalism and knowledge. But it also worsens the conditions for working together. So what are effective group work scenarios to improve team communication and show better performance?

Effective group work

Modern business communication

Today there are many opportunities to save time and money using technology. You don't have to travel as much, the discussion and decision-making process has become much faster, and the general trend to conserve resources whenever possible has completely changed communication. It is increasingly easier to arrange an online meeting than a regular face-to-face one. But what effect does this have?

When people rarely see each other, their bonds and relationships weaken. It affects married couples most clearly, but business relationships also suffer. The quality of team work shows the worst results, and, finally, working in a team becomes problematic. For this reason, with the advent of a large number of remote employees, the number of virtual team building meetings has increased. But building a team doesn't just help improve team productivity.

Webinars and video conferences for more efficient work

For a better mutual understanding, companies have introduced the practice of organizing group events, with the exception of discussing only work issues. Educational webinars on the topics of psychology and team building raise questions about the challenges people face during group work. But after these events, the participants should think about the information they have learned and make sense of it. This does not mean that they will use it.

It is wise to organize more group sessions when teamwork is required to make this thought process more "tangible". Group webinar work of another company, information gathering and other activities can push people to use new knowledge. Thus, online conferences are more often organized in order to pay applied attention to key points of mutual understanding.

Scenarios for webinars or conferences

There can be many reasons for organizing a webinar or video conference. Marketing needs, ignorance of some stage of team development, company news, etc. - everything is possible. To be most effective for the company and its employees, they must be organized in a timely and correct manner.

Thus, the decoration for a webinar is interest, the desire for knowledge, lack of knowledge or problems in the team. The company should conduct webinars intelligently, not overload people with information, but provide it at the appropriate time.

The online conference scenario is more regular. It includes weekly/monthly team work summaries, team building meetings, discussion of work issues, current tasks, etc.

Using group work during webinars and conferences

Depending on the type of task or problem that the team needs to solve, there is a need for group work. But even if it is possible to complete the task individually, try to incorporate your teamwork into the workflow. This provides some advantages that are lacking if a person works alone:

  • several people can more effectively generate and combine ideas;
  • you can divide the work between team members and do them equally well, but faster;
  • people have unique talents and knowledge, so teamwork opens up the possibility of using them;
  • in a team you better understand those with whom you work, so it’s easier to communicate later;
  • people have different experiences, so group work offers an easy and relevant exchange of experience.

Using these benefits visually and audibly, members of the same team can show the highest levels of productivity if their mutual understanding is at a high level.

Scenarios for group work

Using virtual meeting apps and other online conferencing equipment, you can try the following scenarios for group work:

  • search for new information;
  • testing the capabilities of a new product;
  • practicing skills in groups;
  • brainstorming sessions;
  • strategic session in small groups.

The benefits that we mentioned above will best manifest themselves in these actions. So this is a good chance to see how great your team is.

When to use decorations for group work?

It is not necessary to call for group work on every issue you face. Do it intelligently - when you understand that you may not understand or know something, it is better to invite people to cooperate. Of course, if the task is assigned only to you, it is not the best solution to involve your teammates (they also have a job). But use your chance when it is not necessary to perform it individually or collectively.

Group work is always a good solution to improve your workflow. Together is always better than alone. Thus, you can get much more new experience and knowledge than if you did everything separately. Discover the rich features of the iMind teamwork app for free and discover even more professional features with this trusted video conferencing platform.

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