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Web conferencing Features

Easy video conferencing and messaging on any device


HD video and sound quality

Mind will determine who the speaker is and make the speaker’s volume constant. You also don’t have to worry about your neighbors redoing their apartment, as Mind suppresses external sounds. Having trouble hearing a particular meeting attendee? Increase their volume!

Join with one click

Everything you need to do is simply follow the link. No download or install required. You don’t even have to register if you simply wanna talk. Some functions, such as recording, only work for registered users.

Sharing multiple screens simultaneously

Share your screen, application window, or a browser tab with other meeting attendees! All attendees can share their screens instead of video simultaneously. Watch at 4 to 12 screens together, depending on yoursubscription.You can only share the screen from a PC, watch it from anywhere - from any smartphone, tablet.

Several security layers

Encryption for calls and personal data
Mind is built on WebRTC, the technology that provides confidentiality, protection, and reliability to your conferences and personal data using DTLS and a 256-bit AES encryption. If you’re using Mind with a public unprotected WiFi network and someone intercepts your meeting, they won’t be able to watch or listen to it, thanks to the encryption.

Check who’s trying to attend the conference

Say no to unwelcome guests! When a new attendee tries to enter a conference, Mind invites them to take a picture of themselves. The conference host then receives the picture and can decide whether he has invited that person or not, thus either accept or decline the person’s attempt.

One-time codes instead of passwords

Mind doesn’t have passwords, hence hacking into your account is that much more difficult. Receive a one-time code to your email and enter it to authorize on the platform.

Meet on the go

Mind is available on Android and iOS without any additional software. Use any browser on your phone to join the meeting.

Record any video call or video conference

The recording function is available to any user in the mind, and the retention period of the recordings is enclosedtariff plan.

Record multiple conferences at a time

Begin recording in the first room, move on to the second one, begin recording there, proceed to the third room… Either stop the recording manually or let it stop itself as soon as all attendees leave the room that’s being recorded.

Use emoji

Give feedback using preferred emoji. Reactions appear on top of your video.