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Sep 21, 2022·3 min reading

5 Ways Human Resources Can Benefit From Hangouts

Online meetings with video are popular today for business improvement. Companies use them to organize teams, set goals, discuss projects, and hold annual meetings. So the use of video conferencing technology to find and hire new employees is not a surprise.

Human Resource Video Conference

What is a video call?

A video meeting is part of the web conferencing concept that allows you to communicate and share files remotely. Depending on your needs, you can use it with a webcam or audio only. As a result, you can benefit from using this technology for business as it facilitates decision making and thus improves productivity.

Using Video Conferencing for Workforce Management

Among other business use cases, hangouts are also an effective human resource management tool. People can use them at any stage of hiring and save time. You can do a face-to-face interview or invite several candidates to discuss. Filling out forms, consultations and other aspects become much easier thanks to video calls.

Benefits for HR

To outline the most significant benefits of using video in relation to human resources, we highlight:

  • save time and money - above all - connect and start the interview with the least organizational issues;
  • flexibility - thanks to multi-device and ease of organization, you have more opportunities for a productive meeting;
  • reduce travel costs - can be useful if you are assembling a multinational team;
  • increased efficiency - you get the end result faster and smoother.

Let's dive into the possibilities more specifically to describe the benefits of video conferencing in this area.

Benefits of using video conferencing for HR management

When choosing the format of a future interview, pay attention to the following aspects:

  • since you are not tied to a place, you have a larger pool of talents to search for;
  • communication on the go helps you be more productive;
  • the use of video interviews is flexible in terms of time and resources;
  • you can share information instantly and securely with file sharing and screen sharing capabilities;
  • employee onboarding and training is greatly simplified by the functionality of the videoconferencing software.

Depending on the software, you may have even more chances to improve your hiring process. From this point of view, iMind is one of the best platforms to simplify the organization and conduct of meetings.

Video conferencing software for efficient workforce management

For the HR department, video is one of the ways to get to know future colleagues. Thus, one of the most important aspects is video capabilities. The iMind app provides many features for productive visual support. The same goes for sound quality. Background noise suppression should make it easier for both parties to communicate on the go. To be sure which software to use, consider free trial options before deciding if an app meets your needs.

HR departments need to learn as much as possible about candidates in the shortest amount of time. Hangouts help improve the hiring process. They provide the best conditions for communication, testing and learning. Try iMind's features and get the most out of it in no time.

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