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Apr 13, 2022·3 min reading

8 Tips to Make Online Meetings More Effective

A meeting is a standard element of any workflow. As the situation in the world changes, so does the way the meeting is organized. Today, we are increasingly seeing a trend towards remote work, and online meeting is also becoming a habit.

What is an online meeting?

An online meeting is a business meeting hosted remotely using a video conferencing application. It allows you to transfer video, sound and files.

Team meetings serve to debrief or work on something. But whatever the goal, you will spend this time productively and touch on all pressing issues.

8 Tips to Make Online Meetings More Effective

Make the most of them

To make your work more result-oriented, you must manage the time and flow of information. A virtual meeting is one of the activities that should be organized regularly. It serves to sum up the results of the period preceding this videoconference, and the distribution of responsibilities. It helps a lot to realize the mistakes made in the previous period and understand how to avoid them in the future.

With improperly directed attention, you will not be able to draw conclusions and set tasks. But how to arrange everything well?

Tips for an Effective Meeting

When preparing for meetings, consider the following:

  • set the agenda - make a list of topics for discussion that need to be mentioned or discussed, correct and improve it together with the moderator;
  • have a moderator - assign this role to a person who will keep track of time and give signs when you speak too long;
  • take small breaks - it is difficult to maintain concentration for a long time, so if a long meeting is planned, take breaks of 10-15 minutes once an hour;
  • let others participate in the conversation - it is unproductive when only one person speaks;
  • share meeting notes - share your vision as it can help others understand the tasks better.

Depending on what area you are in, you can vary these tips. Modify as you like to achieve the best result.

What services to use?

To ensure your team's communication, you can use various meeting apps. The iMind application is one of the most suitable for modern tasks. The system combines the best technologies for good video and audio communication and functions for sharing ideas and materials. Using the iMind software, you can assign roles and organize high-level conferences. For breaks and specific questions, it is possible to go to private rooms. And finally, sharing conference results just got a whole lot easier with the unlimited recording feature that you can view and share. Most of the main features are available for free.

When it comes to online events, it is always necessary to anticipate numerous challenges and create a plan for the meeting itself. To make it as effective as possible, use the principles of good time management and the benefits of remote conferencing applications.

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