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Jul 8, 2022·5 min reading

A Guide to Successful Sales Meetings

Professionals who have mastered the skills of effective sales meetings with clients and partners, both existing and future, often succeed in business, and in almost all areas. And the ability to have a fruitful discussion is undoubtedly crucial for people working in the sales industry. Let's discuss how to conduct a sales meeting.

Guide to Successful Sales Meetings

What do you need to know about sales meetings?

Business negotiation while working remotely is a unique form of business-to-business communication that is carefully regulated by unspoken codes of ethics. The main goal of a virtual sales meeting is to find a joint alternative that is beneficial to both parties.

We all participate in business conversations at one level or another. However, not everyone feels confident throughout the entire negotiation process, and the outcome of negotiations is not always favorable. What is a productive virtual meeting?

Successful business negotiations are those in which you managed to fully or almost completely achieve the goal that was formed before they began, or maybe get much more than you wanted. iMind is your best assistant in remote negotiations. Your sales meeting ideas are sure to be successful when using this app.

The Biggest Sales Meeting Mistakes

The most common basic mistake in negotiations, as in any company in general, is passivity due to fear of making a fatal mistake.

  1. Breach of obligations. If you have scheduled a meeting with a client, you must put yourself in danger, but be on time. No guidelines; there is just a psychology of communication.
  2. Incompetence. If negotiations with a client are conducted by an incompetent employee, do not expect positive results from such work. Negotiations can take place over the phone, on the trading floor, at the manager's desk, on the road and anywhere.
  3. Clarity and structure of communication. When looking at the customer, it is necessary to determine his personality type and adjust to his communication style. Regardless of the type of client, you must manage the negotiation, which means that you must define the rules.

What is the purpose of sales meetings?

The main goal of sales meetings is effective communication between employees, managers and customers. As a result, they increase sales and productivity.

Your ability to communicate effectively can help you achieve a variety of goals, from small to important, advance in your profession, come out on top in difficult circumstances, build relationships with the right people, and make new friends and acquaintances.

How can sales meetings benefit your company?

Systematic work on the part of meetings and planning meetings leads to the fact that your company, sales department and other departments are constantly evolving. Thus, setting weekly and monthly goals, achieving them, and keeping track of any positive or negative results is critical. This contributes to the formation of a culture of extreme responsibility for performance. Your business will continually expand if you use this strategy.

Guide to Successful Sales Meetings ➤ 2

What features and benefits can virtual sales meetings offer?

In today's world, many corporate operations have moved wholly or partly online: meetings, hiring, marketing, supply chain management and sales. It would seem that a business meeting requires the direct presence of each participant in one physical place. But thanks to modern technology, it is now possible to hold online meetings.

Of course, personal communication with the staff is fantastic. In addition, they certainly produce more than virtual ones. However, don't dismiss online meetings as pointless garbage. Let's assume that if you work with a dispersed team, you need to communicate regularly via calls and video conferences to keep in sync and communication.

Tips for an Effective Virtual Sales Meeting

Online meetings are becoming commonplace in the workplace. Workers face challenges sharing the data they need to work. Here are some top tips for running online sales meetings.

Personalize your meeting space

If the meeting participants cannot hear or see each other clearly, communication will be cut off and you should consider the meeting a waste of time. Avoid using the free app. Put quality first. In addition, you must change the characteristics of the room to accommodate the meeting.

Prepare a presentation of your product

Prepare carefully for negotiations. Conduct a presentation. Use the 1:3 rule, which teaches us that for every 1 hour of negotiation, we should spend at least 3 hours preparing for it. At the same time, systematically improve your negotiating technique, get acquainted with new methods, and master new skills.

Use storytelling

It is imperative to use every opportunity to strengthen team bonds so that no one feels alone. However, jokes and stories must be appropriate. Before making jokes about the coronavirus, for example, find out if any of the meeting participants have close friends or relatives who are sick.

Telling a story will keep the audience interested by making your speech more intriguing. So be careful to enable this.

Combine story and visuals

Bring papers, tables and charts. Allow participants to prepare their choice of images and presentations, as well as the topics of statements in advance. Voice, video, emotes and humor will now contain useful graphical information that is easy to learn and copy.

Set up your sequel

As with regular meetings, it's important to create a summary of the online meeting, correct the main points, summaries, and thoughts, and then circulate it to all participants.

If this happens within a team, you can make these resumes more interesting by including gifs, funny photos, and so on. As a result, it will be easier to understand and remember.

Online meetings are the newest way to keep your team strong and productive. For an online meeting to be effective, you need a quality meeting space, careful organization, and strict adherence to the rules.

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