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Jul 28, 2022·4 min reading

Drawings for remote team building

Covid laws have been applied to team building and remote teamwork. This means that most of the communication will still take place online through virtual meetings, and traditional team building and, as a result, business activity will again be postponed indefinitely.

But we understand that now it is important to assemble and motivate the team so that it works effectively. So that you can have a successful and exciting team building even in a remote environment, we offer you a small selection of online drawing exercises and virtual drawing games.

Drawings for remote team building

Why is team building important?

Team-building activities encourage the cooperation of participants, support and trust in the company. Team building can be done through a variety of models, each with unique characteristics and goals.

Let's first discuss when it's critical to plan for team building, especially remote team building through virtual meetings. The most common challenges that team development solves for remote employees are as follows:

  • communication disorder;
  • lack of faith;
  • lack of teamwork;
  • belittling the importance of the work of colleagues;
  • “transferring” responsibility for the result to someone else.

The team leader is already alarmed when even one of these "symptoms" is present. These deficiencies can often be easily and painlessly corrected if they are identified in time.

How can you improve the performance of your team?

What are the best strategies for online team building exercises? First, decide on your goals and objectives. For example, you may want to develop your project management or negotiation skills. Your joint efforts should lead to results that will help you achieve your goals and benefit both the community as a whole and each individual member.

When planning your workout, consider the time you are willing to spend on each exercise. Exercises that require group problem solving will require longer activities than short icebreakers.

Also, be aware of the cultural norms that participants and people must adhere to. For introverts, speaking out during group conversations can be more difficult.

Team drawing concept

Art therapy has repeatedly proven its effectiveness in relieving stress, expressing emotions, and improving mood. It's not always possible to draw with paints or pencils, but this alternative is available online, where the toolbox is much larger and includes sand, fire, pixels, geometric shapes, and plant parts. All the artwork you create can be downloaded to your computer or shared with friends on social networks.

What games are suitable for sketching?

If you don't know how to make online meetings more enjoyable and encourage teamwork among colleagues, try virtual team sketches.

Doodle game

This fun game encourages dialogue, teamwork and original thinking. When you use conferencing software like the free iMind chat app, which allows teams to split up into virtual rooms, this works great.

Draw the fighting team, draw the game

A fun activity that allows teams to play together from a distance is called Draw Battle. This game must be played by two teams, each of which must have at least two players. Then the same word is drawn out, and two teams begin to guess it. The rest of the players must guess the name after the player who draws. Other members can enter their best guesses and the app will indicate if they were correct or not. Bonus points are awarded to the team that can predict faster.

See what I mean?

Board game for unlimited fun, inventive, funny and addictive. In this situation, you will have to compete for the title of king of memes. Players have to create the funniest memes by matching cards with famous memes from the internet with hilarious lyrics.

Online illustration

Write with a special pen in the air and then watch it materialize on the screen of your device! To do this, just install the program on your smartphone or tablet. Point your device's camera at the painter and his creation will appear on your screen. Using these image suggestions, your team must guess the word.

What do I need to have to play?

There aren't many supplies to play with your remote team. However, there are still some things that might be helpful. Below is a list.

Display Sharing

In order to share a photo of yourself or anything else that the rules of the game require with other team members, you will need certain features in your video conferencing service.

white board

If you want the team to guess what you are drawing or writing, you will need a whiteboard. There are many sites on the Internet that offer this. So prepare it ahead of time.


Even if you create and play online, you may still need paper and pen to take notes or sketch pictures.

Online gaming platform

All game services that you are going to use should be prepared in advance, so share the links with your team.

You can keep your employees connected in a constantly fragmented workplace using virtual team meetings.

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