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May 24, 2022·3 min reading

How can video chat help your business and customers?

Using different means to make business work, people are using technology en masse. Remote work has become widespread since the pandemic hit the world, but it works not only for the internal organization. Customer support is also evolving and things like video chat support are now commonplace.

Video Chat Customer Service

Features of modern online communication

Today, we use online communication tools more than ever before. There are many benefits to instant messaging through apps, video conferencing software, and other means. It helps to save time and money on travelling, searching, making decisions, discussing, etc. And thanks to the modern lifestyle, people use this opportunity to make communication even more effective.

A special moment is the change in the balance between the use of audio and video channels. Increasingly, our partners, colleagues and customers are demanding only video instead of audio communication. This allows you to communicate more productively and save time. That's why phone calls for customer support and other needs are no more convenient.

What is video chat?

Video chat is very similar to video conferencing. The main difference is that a video conference can mean an online meeting, a webinar, a video call, etc. A video chat is a face-to-face communication between two people. This is why the term "videotelephony" is often used.

How do companies use video chat for business?

People often use video chats to communicate with friends or family members, but video chat business applications are gaining more attention these days. This allows people to quickly connect, discuss current issues and speed up decision making. In marketing and partnerships, time is of the essence, so people use every opportunity to save it.

It seems that online meetings serve the same purpose, but this is wrong. Online meetings are more suitable for business meetings to discuss several issues at the same time: working on a project, reviewing the week, giving a presentation, etc. At the same time, a business video chat can speed up the resolution of urgent issues that need to be addressed immediately. It is for this reason that there is such a widespread use of video chat services for clients.

Video chat for customer support

Using the ability to contact support via video, customers can clearly explain and show their concerns. Obviously, this dramatically increases the result of the work, so the company can provide its customers with better products and services.

Saving time opens up more opportunities for the number of customers served. But in order to provide a better psychological environment for customer service employees, it is better to hire more employees for this job. Thus, online video chat services increase productivity and save a reasonable balance.

Benefits of video chat for business and clients

With regard to all of the above, the list of benefits includes:

  • speed up the work of the support service;
  • make it more productive;
  • saves time;
  • achieving better results in improving the company's product or service;
  • creation of a base of regular customers;
  • increasing brand awareness.

The better you provide customer support, the more likely you are to grow your business. And the use of modern equipment is another chance to use it.

The future of video chats

The future of modern technology sometimes seems bleak. Video chats are still under development, but we believe that they will be much more common than they are now. Perhaps someday this will be the only way to contact support. In addition, with such a rapid development of virtual reality technologies, they are likely to become another support tool in the distant future.

Video chat support is undoubtedly one of the main areas of communication with customers. It's fast and results, so its use will only grow. Explore the iMind app for these and more and make your workflow even smoother.

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