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Apr 1, 2022·3 min reading

How do you keep your remote team engaged during a meeting?

Working with the audience is quite difficult. With the transition to the video meeting format, it became even more difficult. Your presentation, the features and capabilities of the video platform you use, and additional materials affect the final outcome of the meeting. But first things first.

Why are hangouts so important these days?

The importance of knowing how to organize and conduct a video-online meeting depends on the circumstances that the world has been facing lately. When the pandemic arrived, companies had to adapt and conduct their business remotely. At first it turned out to be a disaster, but people managed to take advantage of these circumstances and adapted the workflow to modern realities.

Why is attention lost?

Video conference is common but difficult to execute. In live communication, you use posture and movement, but in a virtual meeting, you are deprived of these tools. Compensate for this shortcoming with your style of presentation and the technical means at your disposal.

There are three main mistakes that deprive viewers of concentration:

  • Lack of concentration - works for both parties involved in communication, but the lack of attention of the reporter plays a decisive role.
  • The topic is not interesting - if the audience has no interest in the subject of discussion, there will be no attention. Change it or present it the way you suggest to make it more interesting for the listeners.
  • Your explanation is complex - the best approach is to talk about complex things in simple terms. Ask for feedback during a group video call to see what they understand. Start a dialogue.

These aspects are the main ones to consider.

How do you keep your remote team engaged during a meeting?

Think about specifications

Ensure the best audio and video connection quality. This aspect also affects the level of concentration. When the speaker doesn't have a video or has problems causing poor communication in an online group meeting, it's annoying and distracting.

How do you keep your remote team engaged during a meeting? ➤ 2

Experiment with different video conferencing software, choose the right headset and see if it works properly. Remember that the software must be universal for all devices, as people may have different equipment. The iMind platform fits these requirements perfectly.

Add interactive elements

With materials that complement the content of your lecture (lecture), the presentation has another advantage. Diluting the voice and image with interactive elements renews interest and makes it possible to get a broad vision of the topic, to generalize and systematize information. You can use the following tools:

  • use a short video containing examples, explanations;
  • work with a virtual whiteboard for graphical presentation of material and building associations;
  • make meeting rooms more special: redesign, create a custom room link. This makes the team feel appreciated.

This will increase motivation, ease the tone of communication at a team conference, and therefore be more effective.

Sometimes it seems that working with your remote team is difficult. But with the help of the free iMind app and taking into account the most important aspects of the presentation, working meetings turn into a collective pleasure of communication.

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