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Apr 7, 2022·3 min reading

How to organize a remote team building?

Now people prefer to work remotely, but another question arises: how to organize remote team building? Let's take a look at how to keep your team productive while working remotely with team building.

How to organize a remote team building?

Remote teamwork in the modern world

Good teamwork is an important key to a good result. Most businesses require the involvement of specialists from different fields to obtain the best product or service. And the larger the team, the more difficult it is to work smoothly.

Therefore, in order for it to be effective, it is necessary to organize mutual understanding between all team members.

Why is team building important for remote teams?

Working in the same building, it is easier to achieve mutual understanding, as people communicate in a real environment. They can understand who colleagues are just by looking at them: how they behave, dress, talk.

But when it comes to remote teamwork, things are much more complicated. Online meetings can help you organize virtual team events.

Types of remote team building

If you want to bring people together, you can find virtual meeting events to help you. Most popular variations:

  • quiz - you can search for some pattern or create questions from scratch, but this is a great chance to get to know people better (use a few general questions);
  • quests - when people try to run away together, they seek cooperation and thus get to know each other better;
  • digital card games - help to learn more about the skills of each participant with fun and laughter.

You can use your own options, but you will need a video conference to organize them remotely. The iMind app is best suited for any group activity.

Services for remote team building

The main thing you need is virtual team building software. It is worth paying attention to the iMind platform. If you are going to use it for the first time, you can hold conferences up to 4 hours and gather up to 100 people without video for free. More details on the "Prices" page.

You will also need to find or create a game. With templates or online sources, it's pretty easy to create something from scratch.

Team building via video conferencing

Once you have prepared everything for the team building, there are a few tips to follow to ensure the best outcome of these team building activities:

  • Be at ease - the first virtual team meeting is not about bosses and employees - it's about ordinary people;
  • ask rather than demand - be polite to make a good impression;
  • keep up the conversation, if there is one - collect information, and not just play;
  • interested in team play.

Analyze all the information you gathered during this event and use it further.

To learn more about your team, you should take care of some basics and start the event properly, but then it will go a lot easier.

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