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Apr 23, 2022·3 min reading

How to prepare a presentation for a video meeting?

When it comes to working remotely, it's hard to say there's less to prepare for. On the contrary, even more, because using video conferencing software gives you more options. Preparing for an online meeting is as critical as if it were a live meeting.

Online meetings in modern business

One of the main tools to help you adapt is online meetings. They help save time and money on business trips, rent, many formalities related to employment and management, etc. Today, almost every area of business cannot do without team communication online.

However, a remote work environment is different from a typical office climate. Thus, in order to get the best results, people should prepare more carefully for the remote events they are about to host.

How to prepare a presentation for a video meeting?

A good presentation is an effective hangout

By using presentations for video conferencing, you can greatly increase the efficiency of your meetings. To be more specific, the reasons are as follows:

  • following the line of discussion - when people have visual support, they are more focused;
  • memorization and note-taking - a well-prepared report with good visual accompaniment helps build associations and thus leads to better memorization;
  • more chances to answer questions from the audience;
  • a positive impression helps to establish promising business contacts.

At some events it is very important how you present your product or service. The same is true for staff members who report their performance to the team leader.

Presentation Tips

To make your conference presentations shine, you must follow a few simple rules.

As for the content:

  • Break your report into a thesis and highlight the main idea, points to convey, and additional points. This will help you orient yourself and get the message across.
  • Feel the difference between a text report and visual support. Presentation slides at a meeting serve as visual aids, so there should be graphs, charts, tables, figures, etc., but a minimum of text.
  • Collect additional information - be prepared for questions from the audience.

When it comes to design and formatting, the main criterion to follow is simplicity. Visuals should be clear and minimalist.

As for preparation:

  1. Check if the system and software work well. Check your devices like webcam, sound and headphones.
  2. Rehearse to make your presentation perfect. Work on articulation, intonation and other speech features to feel confident during the meeting.

Following these tips will help you achieve the best results with any presentation application.

Applications for creating a presentation

On the Internet, you can find various programs for creating presentations.

This list will help you find the best solution.

How to prepare a presentation for a video meeting? ➤ 2

Additional Factors Affecting Hangouts

In addition to how prepared you are, other things happen that affect the video conferencing process. This ranges from an online meeting software crash to inclement weather causing an internet connection to fail.

In summary, presentations during video conferences are a very useful thing to help make workflow and information exchange more interactive and interesting. So the better prepared you are, the more benefits you will have.

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