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May 27, 2022·4 min reading

How to run effective walking meetings?

Most people spend most of their lives at work. Vacancies are different, but the part for office workers is quite significant. We sit most of the day and feel a bit "rusty". We can go to the gym after work or look for other physical activity to feel better, but that doesn't change much. In this situation, walking meetings are our salvation.

How to run effective walking meetings?

What is a walking meeting?

Walking meeting means exactly what it sounds like - it's an online meeting that you have while walking. Walking virtual meetings are becoming more and more popular because people need to move and get their work done. This is an unusual solution, but it can bring new colors to your workflow.

What are the health benefits of walking meetings?

When you talk about walking meetings at work, it seems awkward. But if you organize it correctly, you can experience the following benefits:

  • general well-being will improve - walks help keep the body in good shape;
  • you will notice an improvement in blood circulation and heart function - if you move often, you will make the blood circulate better so that it reaches all parts of your body;
  • better brain function - again, by improving blood circulation, the brain receives more oxygen, which increases creativity, memory work, etc .;
  • healthy appetite and better functioning of the gastrointestinal tract - significant physical activity makes the body better distribute nutrients to cells, which means that all systems improve, including digestion;
  • improved hormonal balance - movement and proper nutrition make hormone secretion more stable.

The result is visible from the first time you try this option. Telecommunication in business does not mean that you have to turn into a statue. You can make it much more effective for your health and productivity.

Types of walking encounters

There are several types of walking meetings that can be arranged. The first and most convenient for this format is a one-on-one online meeting. This kind of thing is easier to pull off because the fewer people involved, the higher the chances that they have the opportunity.

You can also use the small group option for walking meetings. If you need to have a team conference, then it's better to meet online in small groups and not turn it into a mess. Each of you will have the opportunity to participate and give maximum attention. Large groups are the least convenient for this purpose, but they are still possible.

Tips for Organizing a Walking Meeting

To have a productive and healthy walking meeting, you should take into account a few tips:

  • Stay where the connection is strong - if you are in doubt about how to build your route, first look for some information and try to "rehearse" with your friend or relative. Location matters a lot in this context, because if you suddenly take the wrong road with a bad connection, it will do more harm than good.
  • Put on your best headphones - unlike a quiet room where you can isolate yourself from extraneous noise, it is impossible to do this in the street. Therefore, take care of your equipment so that you can hear your colleagues well and make your voice intelligible.
  • Have an agenda for the meeting - it's harder to focus while on the move, so you need to have a plan in place to keep your meeting productive and rewarding.
  • Use a walking meeting app - since the practice is not that new to the business world, you can take the chance to improve your meeting with a walking meeting video conferencing app.

When scheduling a walking meeting for the first time, be aware that even with the right video conferencing equipment and structure, there will be conferences that are inconvenient to hold on the move. So use more conversational formats like brainstorming to take advantage of this activity.

Walking meetings are notable tools that will make your workflow more fun and varied, but you have to actively use them. If everything is organized well, you will have a chance to enjoy the health benefits and increase your productivity. Engage your colleagues and use the iMind app to take your teamwork to the next level.

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