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Oct 4, 2022·3 min reading

Transition to a modern messenger

Today, more and more people are switching to remote means of communication. This applies to business and personal life, but depending on the purpose, these tools should be used in different ways. We all know about videoconferencing for team management, but what else is there to make teamwork easier?

Modern messaging
Modern messaging

What is team work?

Teamwork is a process when different people, united by some common goal, work together to achieve it. Teamwork is essential to achieving company goals, but the problem is that remote teamwork is much more difficult to set up and maintain.

Differences between teamwork in the office and remote

Field meetings are the main tool for ensuring collaboration in the office. Interpersonal conversations, short talks, and shared work routines help create strong bonds that help team members better understand each other and be more productive as a result.

In contrast, online meetings lack most of these elements. For example, you won't meet your teammate for a coffee break or strike up a casual conversation on your way to your table if you're working from a distance. You focus everyone on their task and perform them separately, and then combine the results. But for effective work, ordinary video calls are not enough.

How is messaging changing in today's world?

With the advent of instant messaging platforms, you can have a conversation that is very much like a live one. Modern messaging even offers voice and video messages, allowing us to have a better experience. We now have the ability to share data, files, opinions and ideas privately, with virtually no restrictions.

Creating a communication network in a team or business in general

Messaging systems are easy to use, so you can create groups, add and remove people from their lists, edit group settings, and more. In addition to instant messengers and video conferencing software, you can use other services where team members can edit and add files you share. These three components provide an ecosystem for your comfortable teamwork.

What communication channel to use in teamwork?

To be more specific about the tools used, we suggest:

  • video conferencing software;
  • fast messengers - for an instant flow of information;
  • cloud service - for saving files;
  • group accounts - for external communication and other purposes (for example, collective email).

These channels can be integrated into the digital workspace platform or used separately.

Types of messages for your business or team

Depending on the purpose of your message, you can vary the types of messages. For example, informational messages are best sent via email, quick questions or answers via instant messaging, and task-related messages via comments on a work platform or cloud service. Choose wisely so that people can retain and perceive information in the most comfortable way.

Communication in teamwork is a key criterion on the way to success. Proper messaging can help you create a system that delivers information on time. For better messaging and communication during video conferences, try the iMind app and choose the best solution for you!

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