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May 13, 2022·4 min reading

Stay connected with family and friends in iMind

In any period of human history, there have been situations when people for one reason or another left their family and relatives. These could be job requirements, illness, or global events such as war or natural disaster. At any time and in any place, we need to stay in touch with the dearest and closest. And today it's much easier with video conferencing tools and apps like iMind.

Keeping in touch with family and friends is now easy

Stay connected with family and friends

Remote communication is no longer a problem. We have so many devices that help us communicate with people without any problems. This technology has proven to be effective, and today it is widely used for business, political issues, education and, of course, to keep in touch with the family.

We can make video calls through our smartphones, and since they are widespread even among the elderly, it is not difficult to contact any relatives close to you. You can send them an instant message, call them by audio and video, and even organize a remote event thanks to video conferencing apps.

Using video conferencing equipment, you can not only see and hear your family, but also make the image big enough to mimic their presence for other event attendees. Thus, the variety of personal use is quite large.

Benefits of Using Online Meetings

Of course, we understand that nothing can replace natural face-to-face communication. But to stay in touch with friends or family, the ability to communicate online is indispensable. This gives you the following benefits:

  • This saves time and money. Some of us have our families far away and have the rare opportunity to arrange a visit.
  • This allows you to do your own thing. If it's hard to find a free moment, don't reinvent the wheel and aim for some dubious opportunity. Do what you need to do and breathe freely as you can meet them online.
  • This gives you a chance to bring your family together. If you have distant relatives, you can contact them and learn more about your roots.
  • This helps to focus on communicating with friends around the world, one-on-one or collectively.

You can add to this list depending on your feelings. But the bottom line is that connecting virtually is a great alternative to face-to-face meetings if you can't.

Ways to Communicate with Family in iMind

Keeping in touch with your family online is much easier with the iMind app. It provides a reliable connection and works accordingly so that you can enjoy your time. Here are a few things you can do during a video call:

  • One-on-one meetings are always relevant. Talk to your closest friend or family member, share your thoughts, ask for advice, or do anything else you need to feel supported. Remember that even at a distance, the dearest person is always with you.
  • You can organize a group video call with friends or family. Want someone to attend, but there are some obstacles? Use iMind to solve your problem and never miss a moment.
  • Game nights are also a great idea to spend time together. Choose your favorite game and start the co-op mode to get everyone involved.
  • Immerse yourself in nostalgia by revisiting memories. Take this opportunity to update your old photos or videos, share your thoughts on these events, and think about future meetings that you can enjoy just as much.

iMind functionality allows you to get the most out of your calls. The main advantage over other similar programs is that the application allows you to stay connected for up to four hours without interruption. Plus, it's available in desktop, web, and app versions, so use it on any device you want. Share ideas about how you want to spend your time and what you want to share and take the chance to bring them to life. Want to book an appointment for another nostalgia session? Record the meeting and share it later.

Other ways to stay in touch with family

Because the iMind app is so feature rich, you can embed hangout into any event or adventure you have. For example, traveling together through online meetings. Change your camera view, share your screen to show your location on a map, and share where you are. Organize a virtual dinner with those who are in another place - synchronize your lunches to feel like you are all together. Celebrate holidays and even weddings together, despite the distance separating you.

Hangouts are an easy way to connect with your family from a distance. And the more features you use, the less distance you feel. The basic functionality of the iMind app is free. And this is more than enough for personal use. So enjoy spending time together without worries and restrictions, because there are so many of them today.

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