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Sep 9, 2022·3 min reading

The best lighting for video conferencing

Remote communication is a common thing these days. But in order to provide a high-quality video conference, you need to know some basic rules for setting up video, sound, and other aspects. How does video lighting work and can it be used as an effective meeting tool?

Video conferencing lighting
Think tips and tricks to set the right lighting

What lighting is best for online conferencing?

Video conferencing lighting is the combination and proper setting of all the lights that are around you during an online meeting where you are using a webcam. Proper lighting setup is indispensable if you are an active participant or conference speaker.

Why is it important?

Good lighting creates the impression of a well-trained specialist and facilitates perception. The attention of other participants is highly dependent on what they see during your presentation.

What is the best way to position the light sources?

The main rule of business conference lighting is that the light should be directly in front of you. Light should not fall into the viewing angles of the webcam. Otherwise, the video will be too bright and your colleagues will not be able to see you.

Lighting Tips

For more specific tips on how to best set up your lighting, consider the following rules:

  • avoid backlight - it makes the picture too bright, and only your silhouette is visible;
  • take into account the features of overhead lighting - the same problem occurs when it enters the camera's field of view;
  • use multiple points to set the light - create balanced lighting for your video;
  • pay attention to the background - the accents that make the illuminated elements visible help smooth out the contrasts.

These dots should create a balanced picture where the foreground and background do not contrast too much.

How to choose lighting fixtures?

When choosing artificial lighting, consider the following criteria:

  • variable brightness;
  • modes of color warmth;
  • light scattering tools;
  • long battery life or means to provide battery support;
  • mobile and light in weight.

The last two points will come in handy when changing the place from the usual. In addition, it provides some advantages in the event of a power outage.

The Best Lighting Products for Video Conferencing

For better lighting, consider purchasing the following products:

  • LED table lamps - for accent or front lighting;
  • LED panel - for diffused light;
  • ring headlights - for front lighting.

Use them individually or combine them for the best possible effect.

How to improve lighting with the help of the program?

A lot depends on the hardware and software you use when setting up your video conference light. The video conferencing app can change the conditions you create, so make sure you use a trusted app. iMind app can help you with the best free video transfer.

The problem with lighting is sometimes a problem. But you can eliminate such problems by using quality video conferencing equipment and tools. Make it easier with the iMind app and be productive wherever you are!

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