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Apr 19, 2022·3 min reading

The best video conferencing equipment of 2022

Every business today needs funds for online meetings. The events of recent years determine this trend. But the question is which video conferencing equipment to choose and why. This article talks about the main aspects to pay attention to and which video conferencing systems to consider.

Video conferencing for business

The Best Video Conferencing Equipment of 2022

Videoconferencing plays a huge role in the organization of the workflow today. The experience of recent years has shown positive results with a remote approach to work, so more and more enterprises prefer to hire professionals from different countries and full-time teams that show maximum efficiency.

Another point that makes online conferencing an urgent need is the collaboration between offices and departments located in the country or around the world. This raises another question about video conferencing solutions.

Today, software solutions such as the iMind application, which allows you to conduct group meetings, are widely known. However, most of them allow individuals to join the meeting. They are not convenient in communication between remote teams due to limited functionality and technical characteristics. So for more flexible remote communication, there is video conferencing equipment.

Basic technical requirements for video conferencing

A lot depends on the video conferencing devices you use, and for the best quality of your interaction, you should know that your equipment meets the following requirements:

  • The videoconferencing camera must be high definition. Not so critical for individuals, this aspect is crucial for a team that is in the same room and shown through the camera. With auto-crop and zoom features, the image quality of a video conferencing webcam is extremely important.
  • Processing speed must have high performance. Take care of this in advance if you want to transfer high-quality video and sound to your colleagues on the other side.
  • A fast internet connection is just as important as the previous point. A seamless connection requires high performance.
  • A microphone with good sound helps to quickly establish mutual understanding and productive communication. In some cases, it may be part of a headset (in combination with headphones).

Many of these aspects are taken into account in online meeting systems that are compatible with the most popular software products.

TOP video conferencing equipment

In the table below, you can see the most popular and current hardware products as of 2022.

They differ in price and functionality, so take your time to research the details before buying.

The Best Video Conferencing Equipment of 2022 ➤ 2

How to choose the right equipment for you?

When looking for any equipment, you should consider the specifics of your work. Do you work with whiteboards or edit documents? Are you going in teams or more than one per webcam? Is the price of a particular product affordable? Prepare a list of such questions that describe the basic requirements for the system, and then choose.

All in all, choosing the video conferencing hardware that best suits your needs isn't all that difficult. But before making a choice, prepare a precise statement of these needs and do a little market research.

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