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Jul 19, 2022·4 min reading

Tips for working from anywhere

A TinyPulse study of nearly 200,000 people found that remote workers are more productive and happier than those who work in the office. So it's no surprise that a growing number of employees are working remotely and hosting virtual meetings for companies around the world. Let's see how to make this dating process efficient and enjoyable in different places.

Tips for working from anywhere

What does telecommuting entail in the modern age?

Employers and employees are increasingly opting for efficient remote work. Freelance work is work in business, but it is not limited to the office. The expert works in the company and receives a salary, but does not go to the office. They prefer to work from any other place convenient for them.

What explains the rising trend?

We owe this to the development of technology. When everyone is here, we no longer have work meetings in the same office. For this we use iMind, Zoom and Skype online. Company documentation is always at hand in Dropbox. We create and edit relevant content in real time on Google Drive. In Slack, questions that need to be answered immediately are discussed in thematic channels.

Main characteristics and advantages of remote work

Remote work (sometimes called remote work) is different from freelancing. The latter are one-time tasks that are paid hourly or upfront. As soon as the work is completed and the price paid, the cooperation ends. Even if one organization has two or three of these tasks, it still counts as freelancing.

Most remote workers are able to move at their own pace and adjust their schedules to work during their most productive hours, which increases their productivity and job satisfaction as a result.

When you're working remotely and hosting a virtual meeting, you can choose the environment that best suits your profession, whether it's a cozy apartment or a cute coffee shop for remote teamwork. You can work while listening to your favorite music without worrying about upsetting your colleagues. It has been shown to improve workplace motivation, employee loyalty, and innovative thinking.

Features of working from different places

In addition to the house, there are other convenient places. Your productivity will increase if you use co-working spaces, cafes, libraries, community centers, and other places that resemble an office setting.

Home Office

You might be more productive working from home if you take advantage of the connection your brain makes between work and the workplace. It is best to set aside a separate part of the house for work, but if this is not possible, it is still worth doing. It is imperative to define this space as just your office and the rest of your home will remain your personal retreat. So it also gives you the opportunity to do it symbolically when you leave work for a break or at the end of the day.

Auto office

People sometimes have to work from their cars because they are too busy caring for children at home or just drive a lot. In this case, many points should be taken into account. First you need a reliable headset for professional calls, then a charger for your laptop or smartphone. Of course, make sure your spine and back are comfortable. Grab a back pillow and sit comfortably.

A cafe

Most businesses require every employee to spend 8 hours at the workplace. However, independent contractors can work anywhere, which is good news for you. In cafes, many people prefer to complete their tasks and work. Working in a cafe rather than an office is not only more convenient, but studies have also shown that it can make you more enthusiastic about your work.

You should also keep in mind that if you frequently use the free iMind video conferencing app and have a lot of work calls, you will need reliable headphones and a microphone.

Travel and work

You will need the Internet to work effectively remotely. Thus, you should avoid planning a long stay in a place without communication when scheduling your vacation. It seems to be a fantastic place to relax on isolated islands in the middle of the ocean, away from society, but not for work.

How to make any place feel comfortable?

Anywhere can be a convenient place to work. Decide on a place for your workplace, even if it's just a chair in the corner of the living room, covered with a blanket. However, a table and chair would have been preferable.

It is very important to know that separate areas of your home are reserved for work and leisure. Only work must be done here, and it must be done in a comfortable environment. Separating personal and professional life is the second important step.

We wish you a successful working week and a pleasant weekend!

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