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Apr 29, 2022·3 min reading

Using video conferencing for online learning

Education must meet all the requirements of the modern world and be as effective as possible. Currently, various courses, educational programs, training in schools and universities have changed dramatically.

Using videoconferencing for online learning

Video conferencing in modern education

After the pandemic broke out, the world switched to remote work and life. In order to continue learning, people began to learn online and especially often used video meeting services.

Online meetings are used for training lessons, school and university education, additional courses, etc. Thanks to the wide functionality of online meeting services, teachers can now conduct their classes and give even better results than with a regular classroom learning process.

Benefits of Videoconferencing for Education

Using video conferencing for online learning has many benefits:

  • you can study from any convenient place, as long as you have a good Internet connection;
  • in the case of courses, you pay for the knowledge gained, and not for the content of the physical place where the process takes place;
  • remote communication systems provide you with greater opportunities for interactive and communicative approaches;
  • when studying online, you mainly use electronic versions of books and notebooks, so you use less paper - this makes online learning more environmentally friendly;
  • for those who did not have time to participate in some lessons, there is the possibility of recording - this also expands the learning opportunities;
  • Using the iMind video conferencing app, you can be more productive with your writing assignments thanks to the multi-screen sharing feature.

In general, online learning improves concentration levels and can be much more effective when applied correctly.

Services for online education

There are many services that allow you to get knowledge online. Conventionally, they can be divided into:

  • platforms specifically for education - they are usually owned by companies specializing in online schools;
  • universal software commonly used for any kind of remote communication (like Skype);
  • applications designed mainly for business communication of various kinds.

The choice of platform or software often depends on the educational institution and the particular teacher. Note that the iMind platform is extremely convenient for online learning thanks to unlimited cloud recordings, free 4-hour conferences, and multiple screen sharing.

Tips for Improving the Effectiveness of Online Learning

To help your team learn better, you can use the following tips:

  • always follow the schedule, during the meeting and when planning it;
  • make sure that your video and sound are in good quality;
  • use a webcam to establish eye contact - this increases concentration and attentiveness;
  • try whiteboards, mind maps, and other schematic visual aids;
  • use games to warm up and memorize;
  • make the most of the functionality of the software you use;
  • prepare creatively - use unusual means to demonstrate and present new information.

These points will help you achieve the best results for your students.

Summarizing, we can say that there are many ways to improve the educational process conducted with the help of online services. The main idea is to do your best with technology to make it work for you.

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