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Sep 26, 2022·3 min reading

Videoconference for psychologists

Videoconferencing is a versatile tool for many purposes. Many companies use them for training, management, and marketing, but that's not the only way they're used. Healthcare has found its benefits in the use of video conferencing software, and in this article, we will discuss its use for psychology.

Benefits of videoconferencing increase the effectiveness of psychologists' treatment

What is videoconferencing and why is it so popular these days?

Online meetings are regular or one-time events that people hold to communicate something. This remote communication solution has many features that make it easy to use in many areas. You can use them to spend your leisure time, keep in touch with family and friends and run your business. In addition, this format saves time and effort on travel and organization, and promotes secure data exchange. This is why video conferencing is so popular.

What is Online Video Therapy?

Video therapy is a practice that emerged shortly after hangouts became widespread. It is effective for easy and secure communication between doctor and patient, and with the help of basic devices such as a webcam and microphone, you can describe and show the problem that is bothering you. In the field of psychology, ad hoc tests and the exchange of ideas are much easier thanks to features such as screen sharing and an interactive whiteboard.

When is the best time to use online therapy?

Despite the fact that video chat therapy is universal, its use still has certain limitations. The best videoconferencing therapy works for:

  • trauma is a post-experimental effect;
  • anxiety - the inability to feel comfortable;
  • stress - long-term or one-time, caused by strong feelings;
  • depression and chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • eating disorders;
  • relationship problems;
  • coaching sessions.

These problems require a conversation in order to identify the causes and eliminate them. With increased comfort and privacy, patients are more likely to open up to psychologists.

Benefits of Online Video Therapy

Video treatment by psychologists has a number of advantages that allow you to achieve more impressive results:

  • increased comfort - since everything happens remotely, the patient does not need to visit stress again and get used to a new office;
  • ideal for the physically handicapped – moving to a doctor’s office is always a hassle, unlike remote therapy;
  • less demanding healthcare costs – reduced rental and maintenance prices make services more affordable;
  • more patient-centered approaches - only you and your patient are on the line, nothing bothers you both;
  • adjusting to a busy schedule – video therapy provides more flexibility.

You can find more benefits of video conferencing for your case.

How do videoconferencing help psychologists?

For both private practice and medical companies running their own business, videoconferencing offers several more options for streamlining the organization of therapy. Sessions, analysis, recording, accounting and many other issues are easier to solve on specific platforms. This significantly saves time due to automation and resource saving, which is important for any doctor.

If you are a psychologist or the owner of a medical organization specializing in this topic, pay attention to the possibilities of online therapy. Consider the iMind app as an option and try the basic features for free to learn more about this tool's capabilities. Of course, you will find your favorite advantage.

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