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Sep 14, 2022·3 min reading

Video conferencing social activities

Modern life involves an active lifestyle. You have to be everywhere and do everything. From this point of view, video conferencing technology is what you need. It is a versatile tool that makes your life and work easier.

Social activity on the Internet
Video conferencing is a good tool for online communication

What is a video conference?

Videoconferencing is a generic name for various online meetings that require a computer (or other device), a webcam, speakers, and a microphone. Home appliances depend on the device used. This technology provides efficient remote communication, information and data exchange. After the pandemic broke out, its popularity skyrocketed and it is now widely used for various online social activities.

Business and activity in modern conditions

To be more specific about use cases, videoconferencing is especially useful for business and educational purposes. Team management, sales negotiation, and organizing marketing events are just some of the business applications. Educational activities include running lessons, courses, trainings, independent webinars, etc.

However, the features of the video conferencing software also allow it to be used for personal purposes. This applies to keeping in touch with friends and family, organizing vacations, etc.

What are the main features of video conferencing

The main functional features include:

  • virtual backgrounds - help set the tone of the meeting;
  • screen sharing - for better understanding, visual assistance and general information exchange;
  • board - for writing theses and drawing diagrams;
  • online chat - a clearer exchange of ideas;
  • rest rooms - for interactive group classes and competitions;
  • polls - for different purposes, from feedback to instant consideration;
  • recurring appointments - scheduling and timing options;
  • video recordings - to view, share and analyze previous meetings.

Now online conferencing providers and app developers are looking to create some specific features that will enhance one or more of the features listed above. The iMind platform is no exception, so explore its benefits and use the free app to organize your social activities.

Why is social activity important to people?

Man is a social being. Our nature requires at least some minimum of communication in order to feel comfortable. It can help us relax, make new friends, or have fun. Will it be your time filler or lifesaver? It depends on you and the people you spend time with.

Social Events for Video Conferencing

To get people together, video conferencing can be useful for:

  • book clubs;
  • culinary club;
  • art classes;
  • make-up club
  • sport Club;
  • virtual travel/entertainment.

These occasions involve hobbies that are more productive when they are practiced together. As a result, you get much more than just knowledge, skills or impressions - you get joyful memories.

What does it take to carry out good social activities?

To join or organize a social activity, you need three things: an idea, equipment, and software. With regard to hardware and software, their quality and reliability should be taken into account. Otherwise, the whole event will be interrupted by unwanted inconveniences and breakdowns.

Social activity is psychologically and practically significant for any person. Whether people visit them to study or to have a good time, a meticulous organization makes everything better. The iMind app can help you organize and manage the best meetings ever!

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