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May 27, 2021·3 min reading

Video conference online from any device in iMind

Video conference online from any device in iMind

Prefer to call a colleague 1 time instead of 100 messages? Online video conferencing is your assistant. It is easy to organize it yourself: register a profile , create a meeting room in your personal account and send a link to it to your colleagues. There will be a video call.

iMind has only 2 requirements: you must have an internet connection and a device that connects to it. Phone, laptop, computer, tablet… Use any device with a screen, speaker, microphone and internet for online video conferencing. The operating system is also not important: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux - iMind works wherever modern browsers work.

Do I need to download a program to organize online video conferencing ?

We did not write that you need to download the application, not because we forgot - this is really not necessary for iMind video communication. No additional downloads or installations! Call via browser.

Switch participants on your phone by clicking on them. Move between views by swiping the screen. As in epics: if you go to the right, you will find a text chat, if you go to the left, you will see a mosaic of participants, if you stay in the center, you will see yourself and an active speaker.

However, you can download the app: for some, it's more convenient to have a launch icon handy than to open the site every time. It works the same way as the browser version.

How to enter the video conference using the link?

Suppose your hands are full or you are in a hurry: cooking, cleaning, conquering Everest, or just running to work in the rain with a suitcase. And then comes the invitation to the video call. What to do? Just click on the link !

Yes, this is the same 1 click. Follow the invitation link and you are in the conference! The function of the "waiting room" will protect against uninvited guests.

Why is it useful for me to register with iMind?

This is not necessary for a conversation, but registered users have more options:

  • Record appointments

Without registration, the recording of the conference cannot be associated with its author.

  • Set name

You don't have to enter a name before each meeting. It will automatically populate from your profile. Without registering, you will either get the name of a random animal, or you will have to write your own when entering the conference.

  • Put an avatar

Without registration, your avatar will be 2 letters of your name. For example, if you wrote Bond, the avatar will be B, and if James Bond - JB.

  • Create your own conferences

To organize a conference, you need to register. So you will automatically connect to a free tariff plan. It comes with 1 free room. Organize conferences in it and record them!

Download the desktop application

Pin the application to the taskbar to easily join a video conference. 1 click - and you are on iMind! Links for macOS and Windows .

How to choose the right program and calculate the effectiveness of a meeting online, read the instructions .

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