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Dec 4, 2022·3 min reading

Virtual Christmas Party for your remote team

It's vital to improve your team's holiday spirit in the run-up to Christmas. For this purpose, thematic team building is useful. But how to organize a themed event so that everyone relaxes and strengthens their ties to work together at the same time?

Holiday Party Ideas

Video meeting for remote team building

Video conferencing is a useful tool for all business purposes. This includes solving current problems, full-fledged meetings of the company, and remote team formation. It helps to feel comfortable and turns corporate parties into completely convenient events when you don't have to go anywhere - just turn on your webcam and enjoy.

The Importance of Teambuilding Remote Events

Remote communication has a variety of features, and one of them is the inability to observe the body language and behavior of the interlocutor. You see some details during online team meetings, but they are not enough to form an opinion about a person.

This is where holiday party ideas come in handy. They help to explore people's lives, their interests, hobbies, additional qualifications and much more. This way, you build strong relationships based on information, not the habit of watching your team physically.

Bringing Your Team to a Remote Christmas Party

Team building is effective when you provide interactivity and can get team members involved in the action. The common moment that helps to unite different people is the holidays. Christmas deserves special attention, as it is one of the oldest traditions, where everything is individual for each person. By sharing your ideas about Christmas, you can better understand how your work colleagues live and what their greatest strengths are.

Tips for Planning a Themed Party

To organize a corporate party, pay attention to the ideas of the New Year's holiday and work on the following:

  • give small gifts, souvenirs, etc. - show that you appreciate your team;
  • prepare fun playlists - make memories and associations work for you;
  • send creative invitations to a party - create intrigue;
  • write a holiday newsletter - the expectation of change motivates people;
  • take care of Chris Kringel - think about the features of his organization at a distance.

Most of the moments are common to many New Year's Eve parties, so there will be a more friendly and fun atmosphere.

Ideas for a Remote Christmas Party

Christmas parties are different, but you can use old-fashioned Christmas party games or combine them with other themed events. Classic ideas include:

  • holiday bingo online - this game will never leave anyone behind;
  • virtual holiday scavenger hunt - there are options for team building, but it is better to use the Christmas versions;
  • virtual holiday party - a simple drink and talk event;
  • virtual holiday team building;
  • corporate gala dinner - imitate the details of your interior, try to cook something special, etc.

Combine these ideas and add more for a better experience.

To sum it up, the fun virtual Christmas games and other holiday activities that you host with your team bring you "invisible" results. At first, you just feel relaxed, but the real results come when you start working hard towards a common goal and your teamwork runs more smoothly than before. For the best experience, try the iMind app for free and get even more benefits with the Pro plan.

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