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May 23, 2022·4 min reading

Virtual Summer Party Ideas for Remote Teams

Today we actively use remote communication for work. People often use video conferencing for meetings with remote teams, webinars, trainings, etc. But there should be an opportunity to relax too, and a virtual party is an ideal solution for those who work completely remotely.

Idea for a summer corporate party

What is a virtual party?

A virtual party is an informal event that involves having fun and being organized online. Anyone can host a virtual party, which is why they have become a common sight among families, friends, and businesses. As for companies, they use the opportunities of informal online meetings for team building.

How to organize a virtual party for a remote team?

Organizing a virtual party is not difficult, but it is better to take into account some points to make it easier. Follow these steps to ensure the best result:

  1. Think about who you want to invite. Ask if people have the opportunity to connect and approve the invite list.
  2. Consider a few corporate summer party ideas. Use popular ones like virtual beach party ideas, or create your own based on your team's specifics.
  3. Browse online meeting apps. There is nothing to worry about with the iMind platform, as it provides reliable and high-quality communication.
  4. Send invitation letters. Make them creative and intriguing to grab the attention of your guests.
  5. Provide people with the necessary elements of any party - food and drinks. It's much nicer to feel like a guest if you don't have to buy everything at your own expense.
  6. Create a summer virtual party plan. Suggest some games, discussions, or other activities that are fun and enjoyable for everyone involved. Feel free to ask them what they like the most.

When you organize a party, the first thing you should pay attention to is the people you are inviting. Ask for their opinion, perhaps invite someone into the organizing process, and do your best for the team you are the host of.

Virtual Summer Party Ideas

Summer party ideas for employees include a lot of curiosity and joyful things. Among the most common:

  • game night is an old classic, convenient for almost any holiday event;
  • Virtual Casino Night - Use your imagination to create a special atmosphere using video and sound tools;
  • seasonal wine tasting - give people drinks and take the chance to learn more about the culture of wine drinking (or invite an expert);
  • cocktail master class - while there are plenty of opportunities to drink, turn this into a fun learning experience;
  • beat the bomb virtual - challenge your teamwork and show the highest results.

Use interactive or conversational ideas depending on the preferences and members of your team. Using theme ideas for teams is the easiest way to find a solution, but if you have something unique to offer, go ahead!

Virtual Party Tips

We emphasize why some points are better to take into account. For a better organization, you should:

  • make a guest list - content starts with the audience, so it is important to know who and how many people will be present;
  • choosing a fun theme – this is not necessary, but it will help create a fun atmosphere and intrigue even before the event starts;
  • send out parcels - show that the presence of people is valued;
  • give away company awards - use the chance to reward people and give them approval and happy memories.

Team building activities are effective if they increase motivation and show that the team leader and the company value the time and effort people put into their work. So keep that in mind when organizing something for your business team.

Workflow Improvement

Cool parties for remote teams help improve the workflow. Use team building sessions not to invade people's lives, but to thank them for the time they put in. People have their own lives, personal problems and routines that stress them out, but still they spend most of their time at work. Hence their desire to feel valued and visible.

The organization of such an event allows them to relax, exhale and pause all current affairs for a while. Works like a charger. And with the right organization, this makes the team even better focused on their work. It is always more pleasant to work if you understand that your efforts are valuable in the work of your team. And the more you like the workflow, the more you want to work better.

Organizing team building activities involves generating creative ideas, spending money, using equipment, and carefully considering people's interests. It won't work if your team finds the topic uncomfortable, so listen to their input and consider their suggestions. Use the iMind app to organize your summer party and everything will go smoothly.

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