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Who are we?

iMind engineers have worked for a decade to create a technological video conference platform. We’ve made many mistakes and buried a lot of projects. Over that time, iMind team has learned many things and there’s something we’re proud of. We have created our own technological stack, patented technologies in the U.S. Several biggest national telecom operators are among our clients.



The team behind iMind only does the job that we know we can do well:
• Developers constantly improve the quality of a technological stack.• Customer service representatives support our clients before, during, and after the purchase. Solving request according to the SLA included!• Product managers determine the direction of growth of software.• Top management accompanies contracts with clients and partners.
Our partners take care of the major part of the job, as they also are professionals in their fields. They receive the bulk of income that our business makes.iMind carefully chooses partners and takes process formalization seriously. We approach our duties responsibly and value our partners.

Business model

The iMind team projects the software. iMind technological partners create the services with the help of our technological stack via iMind SDK. Further support of the software the iMind team carries out with our technological partners.Sales partners sell software. iMind has the right to conduct sales by itself in markets where iMind doesn’t have sales partners.